School of Rock makes noise in Ballwin, Mo.

BALLWIN, Mo. - A new school is open in Missouri, but it's unlike any other school in the state.

Students can now go to class and learn all about rock and roll.

The School of Rock is now making noise in Ballwin, Mo., just west of St. Louis.

Since 1998, these kinds of schools have spread across the country. Instructors call it an alternative to the traditional music program.

It's real musicians teaching kids how to rock.

"I did marching band before and I'm not knocking it at all, but it just didn't interest me that much. But whenever I started playing rock 'n' roll, I took to it with everything I had. I really took it upon myself to learn it, because I love it," one student said.

Each student learns basic skills through private lessons, then group sessions. After about three months, they perform before a live audience.

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