‘Crowdfunding' sites help kickstart small businesses

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's hard to start a business. Getting the financial backing for startup projects stops many plans from getting off the ground.

But sites like Kickstarter are helping business owners bypass the banks by using "crowdfunding" to raise money on the internet.

That's how Jason Robinson's microbrewery in Michigan got its start.

"Basically anything you think of be in creative projects, businesses, anything you can think of, it's out there if you want to see it happen, you can contribute," Robinson said.

Kickstarter has raised almost $800 million, contributed by close to 5 million people to start 48,000 projects.

To get started, just post your idea, set a funding goal and see if people like it. But be prepared for rejection, less than half of all Kickstarter projects reach their goal.

Other crowd funding sites include: Indie-Go-Go, Crowd-Funder and Rocket Hub.

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