Reviews are in from first Google Fiber customers in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Google chose Kansas City to be the first in the nation for its television and high-speed Internet service. 

Now, Google Fiber is up-and-running in some homes around Kansas City. People in the Hanover Heights area started getting the service late last year.

"There have been a few glitches. We were the first neighborhood -- that was kinda to be expected," said Jennifer Tuttle, who got Google Fiber a few months ago. She said she's still learning all the bells and whistles.    

Hanover Heights is a quiet neighborhood made up of single-family homes and rentals near 43rd Avenue and State Line in Wyandotte County. Tuttle said her friends ask questions when they find out she has the service. 

"Everyone wants to know is it worth it ... is it worth the hype? Just lots of questions about how it works," she said.    

While Tuttle likes the high-speed Internet access, others in the neighborhood have not noticed a difference. Their computers, they admit, are older and slow to keep up with the new technology.

With TV service, customers say they enjoy the record feature that allows them to record multiple channels at once. They also can access more information about a particular show. The menu calls up pictures and details about the show, the cast and crew.

Customers of other cable and internet providers like Time Warner now see gifts arrive in the mail like free movies on demand. 

"We are really pleased with it and we are glad that we made the switch," Tuttle said. 

Google continues to expand. Olathe is expected to be the first area in Johnson County to receive it.

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