Facebook page promotes bad teen behavior, caters to online predators

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - This week, Facebook took down a controversial page with nearly half a million users.

Racy photos and hateful comments fill the Facebook event page "Cutest Teens of 2013," many unable to be shows because they're too graphic.

"There's hundreds of thousands of people on this page and if you really just look on there and see what everybody else has to say to each other, it really just makes you sick," Facebook user Clayton Branstetter said.

Branstetter, 19, said he had his friends posted pictures to the page before it was take down. He quickly realized it was a destructive place for young teens.

"I guess it was just for fun and it turned really ugly," he said. "Just a lot of name calling, bashing about deformities, a lot of racism is on there. People judge each other left and right."

While the Facebook page may be gone, we searched and found several other Cutest Teens of 2013 Facebook event pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Jennifer Prohaska, a psychologist and the University of Kansas Hospital, said these pages create big problems for teens.

"This opens kids up to a world of statements that can be thrown at them without any consequences," Prohaska said.

White Branstetter said his thick skin will shield him from hurtful comments, Prohaska said there's something he and other teens are not protected from.

"Predators can stream through websites like this and get access to kids that are really vulnerable and could be potential prey," she said.

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