Four tech gadgets that will make you say 'REALLY!?'

Have you ever seen a quirky invention and thought, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Well, here's a list of some peculiar gadgets you won't believe are actually on the market.

1. UpperCup Cup Holder.  The next time you can't decide on whether to text or take a sip of your favorite coffee or soft drink, try Natwerk's UpperCup for $25.

2. Bike Book Holder. This sounds like an accident waiting to happen, but someone thought a book holder mounted on a bicycle was a good idea. It sells for $14.99 on

3. Wearable Emergency Toilet. Need to "go" but there's no restroom in sight? No worries! You can squat and get down to business with this gadget. Want to learn more?

4. Optical Mouse And Digital Pocket scale. How much does your hand weigh? You can find out with this digital pocket scale for $22 at

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