Google, YouTube, Twitter pull April Fool's pranks on users

NEW YORK - Twitter is doing away with vowels, Google has a "smell button" and the cast of "Wings" is launching a Kickstarter campaign.

The digital world celebrated April Fools' Day on Monday with the annual rollout of mock innovations and parody makeovers.

Despite 72 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube said it was shutting down. The Google-owned video site joked that it had concluded its eight-year-long talent search.

Having already debuted its wearable Google Glass, the company on Monday showcased "Google Nose," adding scents to it search results.

Not to be out-done, Google Maps introduced a "Treasure Map" view, while Google's email service introduced Gmail Blue, described in a promotional video as like "Gmail, only bluer."

Video sharing site Vimeo showed its pet preference by changing its name to " Vimeow " and switching backgrounds and icons to a feline theme. Streaming movie service Netflix gave users a few new categories to browse, including "Reality TV about People with No Concept of Reality" and "Movies Starring Fruits, Vegetables and Fungi."

The comedy site Funny or Die parodied the recent Kickstarter campaign for a "Veronica Mars" movie with crowd-funding campaigns for other 1990s shows like "Wings" and "Family Matters."

What are the funniest pranks you have seen companies pull for April Fool's Day? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tell us on

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