Kansas politicians react to Google announcement

KANSAS CITY, Kansas - With Google announcing the first ultra high-speed network coming to Kansas City, Kan., people across the state are already excited about what this means for the city and the area.

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) says this new network will do more than just bring jobs to the area. “Increased Internet speeds will encourage business development, enhance the delivery of health care and improve the ability of Kansas teachers to educate students,” Moran wrote.

Google’s goal was to find a location where they could build the new network efficiently and make an impact on the community.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback said expanding access to broadband internet is a priority for him, agreeing that better access leads to more business opportunities.

Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George said, “This is a great win for Kansas City, Kansas.” He said KCK is already a great place to live, and hopefully this change will make it an even better place to go business.

Over 1,100 communities petitioned Google to be the first Fiber Community. Congressman Kevin Yoder (R-Kan.) commented that competition between communities was fierce, and he’s proud that KCK wound up on top.

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