New Apple (AAPL) iPhones 5C arrives in stores Friday

(NBC News) - Apple's newest incarnations of the iPhone arrive in stores Friday.

In previous years, braving the first day frenzy to snare the newest iPhone turned Apple customers into conquering heroes.

Whether the company's new iPhone 5S will spark similar scenes is an open question.

"It's not really the brand new gadget that fulfills that interest that you want for something
new and magical from Apple," says's Scott Stein.

Still, Stein believes the new flagship 5S will hold appeal to certain iPhone customers thanks in part to a faster processor.

"If you go for things like gaming, and in particular, if you use the camera a lot, those are going to be strong incentives to take a look at the 5S," he says.

Maybe the most attention-getting addition is "Touch ID," the phone's fingerprint reader.

Apple did not take pre-orders on the 5S and has not released any figures on pre-sale advance orders for the lower priced 5C.

Last year, the company sold five million of the iPhone 5 worldwide in the first three days.