From texting someone in the next room, to off-the-grid happy hours: digital detox interest grows

Digital Detoxing around the web:

A new study out of the U.K. finds 73% people don't think they could go even one day without their digital devices, and almost half are now using their phone to text, tweet or email someone in the other room of their house. The Daily Mail has much more from the study.

Here's a full website dedicated wholeheartedly to disconnecting from digital. bosts tech-free retreats and off-the-grid happy hours.

A December 2012 article from the New York Times about off-the-grid happy hours like mentioned above: Learning to Let Go: First, Turn Off the Phone

There are even hotels helping people unplug. A CNN report states: "A recent Google survey  found that in the United States, 80% of smartphone users almost never leave their home without their device". Apparently, hotels are giving guests a chance to unplug and disconnect - hand over your cell phone and tablet and get a detox survival kit.

E-tox and Digitox make the Urban Dictionary site.


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