Smartphone app keeps neighbors informed during the snow

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Neighbors helped neighbors in one Northland neighborhood Wednesday all thanks to a smartphone app.

"Our car can't get out of the parking lot. It's buried under snow," Amanda McIlveen said, who walked to work.

The snow quickly turned strangers into neighbors. Jacob Lange and his friend Josh Marquardt came up with a neighborly business venture.

"Just to make some extra money and help people out," Marquardt said.

Their neighbors one street over got an alert about the pair going door-to-door on their phone using the Nextdoor app for neighborhoods. The app allows users to sign in with Facebook.

"For example one of the streets here was really icy, cars were sliding all over and somebody posted that be very careful on 91st Street," Nextdoor app user Eric Fortman said.

The first alert Wednesday was about the cancellation of trash pickup.

"We didn't have to bring the trash out this morning and then bring it back in," Tanya Fortman said.

Once trash pickup resumes, the pair will have any driveways cleared off so dragging the trash bins won't be so much a chore.

As for Marquardt and Lange, the two will continue until business runs out or if school is back in session, whichever comes first. 

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