Thousands apply for one-way ticket to Mars

(CNN) - Tens of thousands of people have sent in audition tapes to a Dutch non-profit in hopes of being picked for a chance of a lifetime.

The organization Mars One is looking for people willing to give up their lives on Earth to become the first humans to live on the red planet.

You just have to be at least eighteen years old to apply.

There are at least 100,000 Earthlings who say they would.

The mission will cost $6 billion. Mars One is considering turning the video application process into a reality TV show in order to offset the costs.

"When you arrive on Mars, you will find a habitable settlement on the planet, but it's not finished yet. It's not your home yet. So the first half-year you will be doing a lot of construction," Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp said.

He dreamt up this voyage in 1997 and is dedicating his life to accomplishing the mission.

"Groups that we have in training might drop out, or we might think that a group is not qualified, or someone in a group might be ill, and no longer eligible. So we will be repeating the application process every year," Lansdorp said.

It'll only cost you $38 to apply, which is about the average cost of a college application.

But it'll take more than just your vitals and your interests. You have to tell Mars One what stresses you out, what frightens you and when you've experienced a situation with a culture different than your own.

"Landing it will be very, very tricky. Protecting the first four, and subsequent people, from radiation is going to be hard ... and maintaining health, with kind of minimal facilities, for the rest of these folks' lives, as they build up the settlement, I think will be a real challenge," Lansdorp said. "And producing food on the surface of Mars. So there are a lot of obstacles."

Now remember, once you go, you can't go home again. But for some applicants, maybe that's a good thing?

If you want to apply, the deadline for this round is at the end of August. But you'll have more chances, because Mars One wants to recruit multiple groups, in case people drop out of the program, and they eventually want to send additional missions in the hopes of having more than 100 Martians in the next 40 years.