'Track'-or-treat apps put to the test this Halloween

Kansas City, MO - Once you've got it down, tracking your child's every step can be as easy as pushing a few buttons from the comfort of your own home. Sherri Clegg is sending her three kids trick-or-treating alone for the first time.

She's helped us put two mobile tracking apps, "Mama Bear" and "Life 360" to the test.

First up: "Mama Bear."

Once every phone is synced, she can see where her kids are at all times and the kids can check in by pressing a button.

"If she's (my daughter) happy or sad, she can send it to me as an alert and tells me she needs help or wants to be picked up," Clegg said.

But there's one thing she doesn't like.

"I received another alert and this alert shows me where my child is, but it does not show me in relation to my location."

Let's try the other app, "Life 360."

"Life 360 shows me my location in relation to my child's location, between the two of us which I really like, "Clegg said.

The panic alert includes a map to show how to get to her kids. 

"I was able to make connection with my children with each of my children in less than two minutes on each app."

So is it worth it?

"I think I'm going to use the Life 360 tomorrow night on Halloween," she said.

Regina Weirs from Safe Kids Metro KC doesn't recommend the apps for kids younger than 12.

"They're so excited they want to get to the next house or to the next block and so they'll dart out in between cars and just not pay attention to traffic," she said.

Clegg's designated her 16-year-old daughter as the new chaperone. She'll just watch from her phone.

Both of the apps are free online. However, in order to use them you will need to each have a smartphone.

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