Social Media Do's and Don'ts when selling your house

These days everyone is all about social media sites. Sharing your real estate news on these sites can be a big benefit as long as you know when to stop.

Houses have been sold by a seller sharing a link to their home on Facebook or Twitter. It doesn't happen a ton, but there have been times where that link gets shared by a friend and then another... until it comes across the feed of that ONE person. I would encourage any seller share their home for sale on any social, networking or company websites. Internal company classified ads work are great. They can be a less-congested space. When it comes to marketing a house, the more places you can help share your homes marketing the better!

So where does the sharing have to stop? When you get an offer. Absolutely no exceptions!

As much as I would love my sellers to go online and brag about how I sold their house in just 6 days, it is not in their best interest. Kansas City can be a small world. You would be surprised at how much other people see when they Google you. Trust me, the other party will likely Google you. My clients Google the heck out of their sellers/buyers. There are also times that a buyer ends up being an old family friend of a co-worker.

There is a saying, "Loose lips sink ships." Whether you got a full price offer or the deal is closing in 45 days, these are all terms that you don't want floating around town. In today's market, we see lots of backup offers and as your agent, it makes my job of negotiating for you difficult if word gets out about what deal we already have in place.

This also is true for the neighbors. If they are drilling you at the bus stop for details on the offer you got, blame it on ME. Your mean agent won't let you say a word. Why? Whose to say they won't go to your other neighbor two blocks over (whose house is also for sale) and tell them. Chances are your buyer looked at their house too. Real estate is a competitive world and I really would hate for an agent to try and convince your buyer to cancel and come work with them just because they got wind of the terms of the contract on your house. I know it sounds far-fetched, but it happens.

All of this is true as a buyer, too. I've seen both buyers and sellers go online and show all kinds of excitement about the purchase or sale of a home. Whoo!! You found the house and you will be a homeowner by the start of next month. Well... it would be really unfortunate for a seller to see this and use it against you in negotiating. Whether it is repairs after inspections or just coming down off the price that last $2,000, it is not likely worth the Facebook likes you would receive.

Think before you share and by all means, after you close and get the keys, share with the world your excitement!!

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