Speed dating for real estate: New concept launching in Kansas City

7 Day Homes Tour kicks off in July

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Speed dating for real estate. It's a new concept, and it's launching right here in Kansas City.

Chartwell Realty Company came up with the "7 Day Homes Tour" when they discovered a problem: too many potential buyers and not enough homes to sell.

So, starting this summer, they'll launch the 7 day tour where homes will only go on the market for one week. Realtor Robb Murry said this new concept should help sellers too by allowing them to test the water without having to commit to putting their house on the market for months or years.

"This gives people an opportunity to put their house on the market for just 7 days and see what the market really is now because it is dramatically different than it was a year ago," Murry explained. "We're bringing a lot of people that are looking for houses and a lot of people who want to sell their house together, so I think these people are going to see more showings, more people coming through their door than they would in months if it were just on the market in the regular way."

Right now, Chartwell’s realty team is focusing on homes between the River Market and Brookside, but they hope to expand in the future.

The first 7 Day Homes Tour will be July 24-31, and while the open houses will be free, they are asking interested buyers and sellers to register here: http://www.sevendayhomestour.com/


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