Kan. Gov. Sam Brownback faces protestors during his visit to Lenexa

LENEXA, Kan. - Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's visit to a Lenexa church drew a lot of attention on Saturday from protestors who still have a lot of concerns about healthcare.

Protestors used the governor's speech at Lenexa Baptist Church to revive their longstanding worries about Medicaid changes and KanCare.

The group says it's inappropriate for Brownback to speak at a religious forum, touting the separation of church and state; but the majority of their concerns surrounded healthcare.

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"We're here to send a message to our governor about the hypocrisy of a religious governor who won't expand healthcare for the poor."

Brownback responded to the protests, saying, "We've moved to KanCare, and we've been able to get more treatment to more people. Instead of having divided treatment between the medical and mental side of things. We've combined that to get better results."

The governor added that they are still working through the new KanCare models and he admits there have been glitches and difficulties.

KanCare is expected to reduce growth in Medicaid spending by $1 billion during the next five years.

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