Kansas dog breeder surrenders license

DENVER, Colorado - The Kansas breeder who euthanized 1,200 dogs and puppies in December is being questioned again, but this time in Colorado.

Last month, the state of Kansas required kennel owner Jeff Fortin to put down 1,200 dogs after a distemper outbreak.

The outbreak was discovered after sick dogs in Wyoming were traced back to Fortin’s kennel.

Fortin used to own three pet stores in Colorado, but only one is still open. KUSA, the NBC affiliate in Denver, spoke with two of his former employees.

Loren Bengston told KUSA that Fortin used to bring dogs to his Colorado pet stores from his Kansas kennel, and now he's concerned about the Denver pet store Fortin still owns.

Bengston said Fortin “doesn’t care about the dogs. It’s all strictly a commodity to him. It’s all about dollars and cents.”

Fortin has surrendered his breeder’s license, so he can’t breed dogs anywhere in the United States.

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