71-year-old woman kicks, clubs, maces her attacker

ODESSA, Mo. - If there's one thing Nancy Flynn is known for in Odessa, Mo., it's cruising the streets in her prized golf cart, which she had customized to resemble a 1957 Chevy.

But now, the 71-year-old grandmother is even more famous for what happened in her driveway around 8 p.m. Monday.

Flynn had just finished Christmas shopping and was blowing leaves out of her garage when a man came up, asked for a cigarette, then demanded money. Flynn refused, so the man pushed her to the ground.

"He was grinding my face in the concrete, and that's when I really got mad," Flynn explained.

That's when Flynn said she kicked him in the groin and threw $83 in cash on the driveway.

"He was very upset, and he grabbed himself, and then he started cussing me," Flynn said.

But the man, who Nancy thinks is in his thirties, was distracted by the money. So she snuck into the garage to grab a wooden club and can of mace sitting in the golf cart.

"While he was trying to get himself straightened up from me kicking him, I went out and started beating him with the club, and then I sprayed mace in his face," she said.

That's when Flynn said her attacker had enough. She said he shouted for a truck waiting around the corner to come rescue him.

"I beat him up. A 30- or 40-year-old man, so I don't think he'll be back here messing with me," joked Flynn.

Flynn said the man was lanky with a scruffy beard, wearing an oversized black hoodie and a Bass Pro Shops cap. She said he got away with her $83 in a small black truck.

Other than scrapes to her face and a bruised toe from kicking the man, Flynn said she is just fine.

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