Posts on Help Find Will Norton Facebook page help aunt through his death

JOPLIN, Missouri - The aunt of a Joplin teenager confirmed dead over the weekend continues to post on a Facebook page that was set up to help in the search for him.

"I would like to continue posting because it helps me," Tracey Presslor said on the Help Find Will Norton page . "I have been overwhelmed with the compassion from people that were strangers nearly a week ago that have now become my family."

Family members had previously told The Associated Press that Norton and his father were still on the road when the storm hit. Mark Norton urged his son to pull over, but the teen's Hummer H3 flipped several times, throwing the young man from the vehicle, likely through the sunroof.

Presslor said Will's family received confirmation of his death Friday night. His body was found in a pond.

"A day without Will is like a drug, it's tough to get through," said Presslor.

Presslor also said that the family is relieved by knowing that Norton is not suffering in pain.

The pond that Norton was found in was near the car he was in during the storm. The area of the pond had been searched several times, but searchers were unable to find Norton's body possibly due to large amount of debris in the area.

Presslor said that Mark Norton sustained a broken arm and shredded bicep while trying to hold on to Will Norton.

Presslor said in a different post Sunday Mark Norton remained at a hospital with pneumonia, but was recovering.

Norton had a large following on Youtube. His channel had garnered more than 200,000 views and videos that Norton had uploaded had been viewed more than two million times. He also had over 7,000 people that subscribed to his channel.

You can view his Youtube channel by going to

Norton's most recent upload, from March, can be found below.

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