Victim's family speaks out about Mark Woodworth's release from prison

CHILLICOTHE, Mo. - Friends, family and even strangers waited for Mark Woodworth to walk out the doors of the Livingston County Sheriff's Office at 1p.m. on Friday.

With his parents and siblings behind him, Woodworth gave the crowd a wave before speaking for the first time to his supporters.

"I'm overwhelmed. It's awesome. I'm real thankful for all the support," he said. 

The crowd shouted back: "We support you all the way."

"I appreciate it," he responded.

His attorney Robert Ramsey said he believes if the case goes to a third trial, his client will stay a free man.

"I just go back to what the master said in his report that if there had been a balanced investigation, if there had been a fair judge from the outset and if there hadn't been all these Brady violations, no jury would have convicted Mark Woodworth," Ramsey said.

The family of murder victim Cathy Robertson is still convinced Woodworth is the killer. Rhonda Oesch does not want the public to forget her mother or the two prior jury convictions.

"The evidence is still there, and so that's what we're looking forward to -- getting it all out in court and so everyone can know for a third time what the evidence is," Oesch said.

Woodworth is out on a $50,000 bond. A new trial date has not been set.

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