Gov. Nixon proposes extensive health care coverage plan for 300,000 Missourians

LIBERTY, Mo. - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon met with area businesses leaders and the public Tuesday at William Jewell College to discuss his plan to strengthen Medicare.

Governor Jay Nixon said his proposal would bring $5.7 billion dollars to Missouri.

Nixon said these funds will help provide health care coverage to an additional 300,000 working Missourians over the next three years. Nixon said funding the health care coverage for these Missourians will be at no cost to them or the state.

This move would also bring 24,000 health care jobs to the state of Missouri.  According to Governor Nixon, the overall goal is to strengthen health care.

"The sure signs of a broken system are when it's easier to get health insurance by losing a job than by taking a job," Nixon said.  

Nixon cited a recent report from the Missouri Hospital Association which indicated Medicaid is a driver of cost shifting. Cost shifting imposes a "hidden health care tax" for those who are privately insured.

"When simple injuries become crushing mountains of debt, treatable illnesses worsen, hospital emergency rooms fill up, costs rise for everyone; and that's not right and in the next six weeks we can fix it," said Nixon.  

Nixon said uncompensated health care costs lead to higher insurance premiums for privately insured people.

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