Gov. Nixon urgans Missourians to show respect for Show-Me State

SEDALIA, Mo. - Respect, fair play and patriotism: Those are the words Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon says Missourians need to stay by after last weekend's rodeo clown incident.

Thursday morning at the Governor's annual ham breakfast, an event to celebrate Missouri Agriculture, the Governor said he's talked to people all over the state who don't support last week's performance.

A student drew criticism from across the nation when a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask with an upside down broom attached to his backside performed what many considered a racist and offensive act at the Missouri State Fair.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, along with Sen. Claire McCaskill, denounced the performance.

Missouri House Democrats suggested the Republican-led chamber form a special committee to investigate the incident and determine whether to continue to provide tax dollars for the fair.

Gov. Nixon said taking away tax dollars could be taking it too far.

The Governor reiterated that Missouri is better than the incident last week.

There are reports that last weekend may not be the last stunt for the rodeo clown. A Texas Republican reportedly invited him to perform in his district.

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