Mother, daughter at center of Maryville rape case react to news case could be reopened

ALBANY, Mo. - The mother and daughter at the center of the Maryville sexual assault case reacted to news that the case could be reopened on Wednesday.

"I was more than excited. I felt like I was going to be able to work with someone who would put forth a real effort," Daisy Coleman said.

In a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice asked the court to appoint a special attorney to review the Maryville sexual assault case.

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"Until that interview [on CNN Monday night], those witnesses never contacted me to say they changed their minds to testify in court," Rice said.

He said he doesn't know how long it will take for the case to be handed over to the special prosecutor to review.

Daisy's mother Melinda said charges filed against a 17-year-old Maryville football player were dropped in the sexual assault case involving her daughter because he belonged to a politically-connected family.

"Just to have people listen and look at it with an objective eye is huge for us because we haven't had that until this point," Melinda said.

One thing continues to be an issue; the prosecutors claimed Wednesday that the Coleman's plead the fifth and refused to testify—something Melinda said was an outright lie.

"This is kind of what we've dealt with over the last two years," she said. "We continually were told different things and it was very perplexing and that's part of the reason I started using the digital recorder and recording the conversations."

Those records and so much else in this case is likely to get renewed scrutiny as soon as a special prosecutor is appointed.

In an interview with CNN Tuesday night, Daisy and the second, younger victim answered questions about the case.

"We did not refuse to testify with the felony case. We absolutely did not. We were not asked to testify," the second victim's mother said.

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