Proposed bill set to outlaw dog breed discrimination

KANSAS CITY, Mo - On Tuesday, the Missouri legislature's general law committee took up a proposed bill to outlaw breed-specific legislation when it comes to dogs.

At the Kansas City Pet Project's shelter, there are hundreds of lovable dogs that need a home. However, some breeds like pit bulls have a tough time getting adopted. For them, it all depends on where future owner lives.

In the metro area, there are more than a dozen cities that ban pit bulls. But Missouri house bill number 1116 looks to change that, the bill--if passed--prohibits cities and town in the state discriminating against dogs based on their breed.

"People are more seeing dogs as a part of the family and when they want to move from place to place it's important to take the entire family with them dogs included," KC Pet Project President Brent Toellner said.

Last year, 600 pit bulls from the shelter found a home.

"They're just dogs. There's growing awareness that we should be treating them based on their own individual behaviors," Toellner said.

Dog trainer Matthew James Holt pointed out the breed of a dog is not necessarily an indicator for the dog's personality.

"It's the same with any other dog, they get into squabbles but it's not because of their breed it's because of the situation--their environment," Holt said.

Five other states besides Missouri are considering similar legislation. A vote for the bill to go to the house floor for debate is set for next week.

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