Egyptian Americans express worries about violence in home country

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dozens of people died Sunday in Egypt, capping off a violence week in the country. In Kansas City, Egyptian Americans who attended a Ethnic Enrichment Festival say they are hearing horror stories from back home.

"My brother-in-law can hear the gunshots and he can see from his window a church very close to him burning in a fire," said Esam Sidarous.

"Some people do not even open their door until they get a password from outside from one of their members to open to the door. They don't know who is going to attack them," said Sameh Youssef.

Both Sidarous and Youssef left Egypt decades ago. They say they are worried Americans are not hearing the whole story. They say only the voices of the Muslim Brotherhood are being heard.

"They are doing it the wrong way. You can voice your needs or what you would like to do but not in a way that destroys your country. It's your country. How could you destroy it?" said Youssef.

Despite the ongoing deadly violence in Egypt, Youssef and Sidarous have not lost hope in their home country.

"What's happening over there, it's a hurdle and a hurdle that will be overcome. Everything is going to be ok," said Youssef.

Sunday's festival featured food, music and crafts from 55 different cultures.

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