Expert weighs in on Royal car seat safety

When the William and Kate brought the Royal Baby out to the vehicle for the ride back to Kensington Palace, media and tourists alike were photographing the Royal couple.

With all eyes on the new family, some noticed issues with the way the new Prince was placed in his car seat.

Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide, wrote an article for Huffington Post about the car seat placement.

She wrote there are four important steps for new parents when it comes to car seats.

1. Pick the right seat.
2. Pick the right direction.
3. Pick the right location
4. Make sure the baby is snugly secured in the seat.

For the Royal family, three out of four were correct.

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Carr wrote that the baby was in the right size seat for his size and was placed rear-facing, which is correct for children under two. The baby was also in the correct location in the backseat of the vehicle.

What caught Carr's eye was the baby's placement in the actual seat. She said the baby should not have been swaddled while buckled into the seat. If the family wanted to cover the baby up, they should have put the blanket over the car seat instead. Carr also noted that both straps should have been over the baby's shoulders and snug.

Many noticed that the car seat did not have a five-point harness system, but that is not unusual in European car seats.

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