National media calls KC fans 'Royal jerks' for booing Cano

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The booing of Robinson Cano at Kauffman Stadium caused a national debate. labeled Kansas City fans as "Royal Jerks". Some out of town All-Star fans think it went too far.

Jennifer Krawczyk, who drove in from Ohio, said "I understand why, but I still don't think it's right. They made it there for a reason. He's the captain for a reason."

She said she thinks it does make Kansas City look bad, although her husband disagreed.

Catherine Brown is a fan from Philadelphia who thinks the booing was tame compared to the east coast.

"I thought it was funny, just because I'm used to everyone always booing everyone," she said. "The people from Kansas City we talked to thought it was embarrassing, but we're from Philly. As long as people aren't throwing stuff at players, everything's fine."

When asked about the time Philly fans booed Santa Claus, she said: "They did once. It's like a black mark on our record."

The national scrutiny about Kansas City's manners comes after the red carpet was rolled out for All-Star festivities.

Katie Steele Danner, Missouri's state tourism director, said, "We're following all the social media conversation and it's positive."

Cano was booed again during the parade on the Plaza Tuesday afternoon. But people ended up clapping because Derek Jeter was in the same car.

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