Not all fans know where the All-Star Game is being played

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - To clear it up - the stadiums, the Plaza and the bigger downtown are all in Missouri.

But Twitter has blown up with people around the country trying to figure it out.

The Arrowhead Pride blog compiled tweets from people who are amazed to learn that Kansas City is in Missouri, not Kansas.

The city and state have been planning for months to leverage the All-Star attention into more tourists and a higher profile.

But did they even realize they'd have to start with such a basic geographical fact?

We talked to several visiting fans. One man from Buffalo, N.Y., asked, "We are in Missouri, right?

A woman from Philadelphia was pretty sure - but not positive - that she was watching the parade while in Missouri. "I don't know because we drove into Kansas to go to Oklahoma Joe's so I don't know if we came back or not," she said.

A man from Ohio didn't know for sure, saying he'd just been following his wife's directions while driving.

"It really doesn't matter that people know if we're in Kansas City, Missouri, or Kansas City, Kansas, as long as they're having a good time while they're here," said Katie Steele Danner, who directs Missouri's state tourism division.

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