Frank Boal: Did KC know suspension was coming with DL move

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three positive tests brought the hammer down on Miguel Tejada.

The Royals said they had no idea Tejada was going to get slammed with a 105-game suspension for using Adderall, which is considered an amphetamine, but you have to wonder if they didn't know something bad was going to happen.

Because everyone was surprised they put Tejada on the 60-day Disabled List Monday for just a strained calf muscle.

Tejada failed a total of three tests, one before this season, and two after his prescription for Adderall ran out on April 15.

Tejada apologized today, saying he kept taking Adderall while re-applying for a therapeutic use exemption. That's against the rules.

This is the third longest, non-lifetime suspension in Major League Baseball history behind Alex Rodriguez' 211 games and Steve Howell's 119 back in 1992.

There is some history here, back in 2005 Tejada lied to a congressional sub-committee saying he never saw one of his then Oakland A's teammates injecting himself with steroids and HGH.

In 2009, that lie caught up with him, and he became the first high profile player convicted of a crime stemming from that investigation.

Here's the crux of the performance enhancing drug problem among athletes. Tejeda was able to play 16 seasons and make $96 million. I'm sure he feels whatever he did to prolong that career was well worth it.

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