LIST: 2013 salaries for the Kansas City Royals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When pitcher Ervin Santana took the mound for the Royals on Monday in their home opener, the team's highest-paid player was on the field.

Santana is set to make $13 million in 2013, according to salary figures for the rosters of all 30 MLB teams released last week by the Associated Press.

Santana is one of just two $10 million-dollar-men in Kansas City. James Shields, another newly-acquired pitcher, will make $11 million in 2013.

League-wide, there are 103 players who will make more than $10 million this year. Twenty-one of those will make more than $20 million. The Royals have no players making more than $20 million.

Forty-four players make the MLB minimum of $490,000. The lowest-paid Royal in 2013 is Lorenzo Cain, who is set to make $503,175.

Here's a look at the salaries for the 25 men on the Royals' Opening Day roster plus the two players who started the season on the disabled list.

Ervin Santana           $13,000,000
James Shields            11,000,000
Alex Gordon               9,000,000
Billy Butler              8,500,000
Jeff Francoeur            6,750,000
Jeremy Guthrie            5,000,000
Luke Hochevar             4,560,000
Bruce Chen                4,500,000
Alcides Escobar           3,000,000
Wade Davis                2,800,000
dl-Felipe Paulino         1,750,000
Aaron Crow                1,280,000
Miguel Tejada             1,100,000
Chris Getz                1,050,000
George Kottaras           1,000,000
Salvador Perez            1,000,000
J.C. Gutierrez              750,000
Greg Holland                539,500
Tim Collins                 534,500
Luis Mendoza                532,000
Eric Hosmer                 528,250
Mike Moustakas              524,500
Elliot Johnson              520,500
Kelvin Herrera              508,175
Jarrod Dyson                506,000
dl-Danny Duffy              505,125
Lorenzo Cain                503,175

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