Royals fans could pay more for tickets with 'dynamic pricing'

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Royals fans may have to spend more money to watch their favorite teams battle it out. The team has opted to use "dynamic pricing" to determine the price of tickets this upcoming season.

Single game tickets went on sale on Saturday. And starting Monday, the remaining tickets will be subject to "dynamic pricing," also known as demand pricing.

Steve Shiffman is the senior director of ticket sales for the team. He said fans should purchase their tickets early to save money. 

Those who don't buy early could pay more for the popular games.

"It's a third-party software that is connected with us. It'll give us suggestions on what to price our games out, and it takes that information from the secondary market," Shiffman said.

Fans who lined up to purchase their single-day tickets were unaware of the pricing changes, including Andrew Merz. He always buys his tickets early, but said the new prices will be even more of an incentive.

"I'm very happy I came out today and bought them," Merz said. "I'll save even more money."

Shiffman said the demand pricing will also work in the reverse. Ticket prices could drop for games that are less popular.

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