Kansas City businesses cash in on madness of March hoops

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The month of March brings MIAA, Big 12, and NAIA, basketball tournaments to Kansas City.  Convention leaders said the tournaments bring an $18-million economic impact to the downtown area.

Restaurants are preparing for the big games.  Convention leaders said this is the biggest week of the year for downtown businesses.

"It's great it gives me an opportunity to see all the games support all the teams and see some good basketball," said basketball fan James Wiggins.

 "Weeks in advance we try to get the staffing in here the right players in the right place we go from running a normal seating arrangement to double even tripling our seating staff bartenders," said Bar Louie Manger Jason Lewis.

Lewis said they hired a few employees for the event.

Down the street, The Dubliner, is getting ready to open.

"If you are a restaurant that's in the power and light district and you don't open before the big 12, you're kind of silly," said Beth Inman.

Sprint Center holds the contract for the Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament through 2014.

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