What's a Mizzou fan to do during the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - What's a Mizzou fan to do in Kansas City during the Big 12 Tournament? For Drew Dusenberry, it's time to bask in the "jubilee" of leaving for the SEC, root against Kansas and plan a dream trip to Nashville.

Dusenberry is mid-Missouri born and raised and graduated from MU with a degree in chemical engineering in 2009. He's lived in Kansas City for a little more than two years, and said he thinks it's definitely a Mizzou town.

"I don't think Mizzou fans are very lonely during the Big 12 Tournament," he said. "There's lots of other things to do in Kansas City. We'll be watching the SEC Tournament, we'll be at all our bars -- and if you're from here, you don't even like to go out in the Power and Light District."

He added that he feels like he should be thanking the Big 12 for supporting the SEC.

"I'm excited the Big 12 tourney is coming back to KC to give a great city more revenue, and an even greater state more tax dollars to go towards her flagship SEC school," he said. 

Dusenberry will be in St. Louis for work this week, but he's considering driving to Nashville to catch the end of the SEC tourney.

"Missouri fans in St. Louis are all just thinking about SEC basketball ... most people don't care about KU outside of Kansas City," he said. "I couldn't care less about Kansas."

But some of his friends, who happen to be Kansas and Kansas State fans, disagree.

KU alum Melody Redburn was rendered speechless by Dusenberry's claim he doesn't care about her Jayhawks. She'd know -- in addition to being friends, they work together eight hours a day.

"He's the one who brings it up all the time," Redburn said. "I hear about Kansas from him on average of four hours a week."

She later changed that estimate to at least 10 hours weekly.

Tracy Smith agreed.

"Since (Missouri) left to the SEC, he's more concerned about Kansas and K-State than he ever was before," she said.

While she's a Kansas State fan, Smith was skeptical after hearing that Dusenberry claims he hopes the Wildcats take the tournament.

"I appreciate that he's rooting for K-State -- but ... he'll do anything to hate on Kansas, so I'm not sure it's genuine," she said.

But Dusenberry said he just likes pushing people's buttons. And he's not above admitting Mizzou's performance this season has been lackluster, especially compared to the year before.

"My only disappointment this year is never developing that same team-first chemistry," he said. "We've shown we can compete with anyone in the country, but we are going to have to make smart basketball decisions ... in order to win games in the big dance."

Despite split allegiances, there's one thing (almost) everyone in this group of friends can agree upon: Dusenberry's trademark gold pants have got to go.

"I love Mizzou, but those pants are ridiculous," fellow Missouri alum Jason Goldstein said.

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