Kansas State fans anxiously watch Fiesta Bowl

SHAWNEE, Kan. - Local Kansas State University fans piled into Sharks Restaurant and BIlliards Hall in Shawnee, Kan., Thursday night to watch the Wildcats play in the Fiesta Bowl.

KC Catbackers organized the event and had more than 200 people on hand at kick-off, including longtime friends Mike Palmer and Joe Crostarosa.

"He's my best friend for 40 years," Crostarosta said.

The pair went to Kansas State together, but never met until a few months after graduating. Since then, they've been to 120 games together.

"We would get there two or three hours before the game, and we would stay two or three hours after the game," Palmer said. "It was alway an all-day event. My wife and his wife went to the games went with us and became good friends. It's really been a good time."

At the start of the fourth quarter, the Wildcats were down by 22, which took a toll on the energy and the crowd.

Many fans remained at the restaurant with high hopes for a comeback, but Oregon ended up running past Kansas State to win 35-17.

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