KU basketball game only airing on select cable systems

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Come this college basketball season, KU fans better have Time Warner Cable or else.

"It's depressing. I love watching KU basketball. I'm shocked to hear that we're going to be losing that, said Jayhawks Mike Little.

Only those who have Time Warner, Comcast or Wow will be able to watch the first six games of the University of Kansas men's basketball season.

That's after an exclusive agreement between the university and Time Warner Cable to launch the Jayhawk Television Network on Time Warner Cable Sports, previously known as Metro Cable.

"None of these events would have received nearly as much coverage as they will now," KU's Associate Athletics Director Jim Marchiony said.

Marchiony said their decision to team up with Time Warner Cable means customers all over the country can tune into games and a few other KU exclusive shows.

"We thought the terrific local and regional and national exposure that our whole programs are going to get outweighed the inconvenience of a few basketball games," he said.

If that's the case, fan Andrew Englehart doesn't mind turning to other means to watch his team.

"Might as well just go to the game and experience a good atmosphere," he said.

Little, on the other hand, is already considering switching cable companies.

"No question, if I don't have my KU basketball I'm looking at something else," he said.

KU personnel said Time Warner Cable was the only company to provide the offer.

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