NCAA denies Kansas' Justin McCay's appeal

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The Kansas football team will not have Justin McCay this season. The sophomore wide receiver's final waiver request appeal has been denied by the NCAA Subcommittee for Legislative Relief. The transfer from Oklahoma will have to sit out 2012. He will be eligible in 2013 as a junior.

"This is a very disappointing day for me and my family. I was very hopeful throughout the process that I would receive a more favorable result, but unfortunately that is not how things turned out. Despite the disappointment I am feeling today, I have no regrets. I am very happy to be at Kansas and I am going to go out and work hard every day to be the best teammate I can be. Even though I won't be playing in games this year I am going to take advantage of every opportunity I have to improve as a player."

Kansas head coach Charlie Weis was hoping the NCAA would grant a special exception for McCay considering he had multiple hardships that led to him transferring closer to his home in Kansas City.

"I'm extremely disappointed that common sense did not prevail. I have read all of the information on this case and it is a shame that this case resulted in a rejection. I cannot release all of the details of Justin's case as it would be an invasion of his privacy. I can only say that the University of Kansas felt the evidence was overwhelmingly in his favor. I also do not understand why the NCAA had us appeal this case to the subcommittee only to have received the same answer with the same rationale."

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