State leaders angered by booing at Mizzou game

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Some Missouri Tiger fans are facing criticism after their anti-Obama display at the Mizzou vs. Tennessee game this weekend.

Boos could be heard during the halftime ceremony Saturday as new members of the State National Guard were sworn in. Many fans booed the guard members while they recited the oath to obey orders of the President.

On Monday afternoon, state leaders expressed their anger.

The crowd members who booed "disrespected the proud men and women of our nation's great military," Representative Clem Smith from the Saint Louis area said.

But one 41 Action News viewer wrote in saying it wasn't the Mizzou fans, but rather the Tennessee fans.

"We heard the booing coming from that area and when we looked over there, we saw that it was the Tennessee fans we were hearing. I can't say that no Missouri fans were booing, but I do know that many Tennessee fans did," viewer Sandi Wilhelmsen said.

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