What do Tiger fans think of Mizzou's new head coach?

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Why Frank Haith? That's a question Mizzou basketball fans are still pondering a day after he was named to head the Tiger basketball program.

Tuesday, more than 100 local Tiger boosters gathered at the Westport Flea Market where the talk was as much about the new coach as it was Mike Alden, the man who hired him.

"I hope Mike Alden knows a whole lot more than I do," said Tiger booster Ken Kraft.

MU fan Dennis Stepanek said, "He may be more under the gun right now than Frank Haith."

While Frank Haith may not have been everyone's first choice, the diehard Tiger boosters weren't all bashers.

When asked about the hire, Kent Mcneer said "I'm not sure yet I think you got to give the guy a chance."

Another fan said, "I was very happy with it, I'm satisfied that Mike Alden made a good choice."

There's Mike Alden's name again. It seems for true Tiger fans, picking a new coach is a lot like religion, you've got to believe.

Just ask Joe Zwellenbeerg.

"You got to put your faith in Mike Alden, you got to put your faith in the people that make to pick the right guy."

Zwellenberg is also quick to point out that just a couple of years ago nobody knew much about a guy named Gary Pinkle either.

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