Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide: How to talk to your kids

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Licensed Clinical Social Worker Mark McGonigle said Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide is triggering an emotional response in young Chiefs fans.

McGonigle said parents would do well to ask their children how they feel and listen.

"I would say we need to listen to our children and listen for what this stirs up in them and find out if the children have any questions," McGonigle said. "Children deserve sensible answers to sensible questions."

McGonigle believes the tragedy is a great time for parents to talk with their children about family values and how to treat each other.

He said the third victim in this case is the 3-month-old daughter who will never see her parents again.

"This child, at 3-months, has already developed a bond with her mother," McGonigle explained. "The most important thing now is for that baby to have a stable person provide love and connection for the child."

Chief's players are also coping with Belcher's murder and suicide.

"It's important for Chief's players to get the counseling they need," McGonicle continued.

The Clinical Social Worker believes that the decision for the team to play on Sunday is a good one.

He said the team will find comfort being together and playing together as they grieve.

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