Airmen get exclusive visit from Chiefs players

WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo. - Players from the Chiefs defensive line took time before their anticipated game against the Denver Broncos to visit a group of airmen at Whiteman Air Force Base on Tuesday.

Tech Sergeant Mandy Pauley may have been on her most exciting mission yet.

"Some player, some time, actually wore this," she said, referring to the Chiefs' football helmet she brought to be signed by players.

The plan was to fill the helmet with the missing autographs. First, she had to get through the other airmen waiting to have a one-on-one with players.

"My dad and grandfather were huge football fans, so I grew up watching football every Sunday," Pauley said.
For most of the airmen, the Chiefs' visit was once in a lifetime.

"I'm a diehard Chiefs fan, season ticket holder," Senior Airman Eric Lewis said.

For others, it was a humbling reminder.

"[I'm a] huge Houston Texans fan," Airman First Class Carlos Desio said,"so it's actually kind of bitter that I'm saying hi to the guys who beat our team by one point."

Getting a personalized autograph from a Chiefs player was exciting enough, but it was just exciting for the football players who were able to take a tour of the base and see a few of the aircrafts.

"They said we were coming to look at planes, I didn't know it was the B-2, I mean, this thing is awesome," team member Mike DeVito said.

This comes just five days before one of the biggest games of the season.

"And for them to take the time to do this is just awesome," said Pauley.

The feeling is mutual.

"For them to come out here and smile at us and be appreciative of what we're doing, there's no way to thank you enough to what they're doing," DeVito said.

"It really puts things in perspective you recognize we go out and play a game on Sunday and these guys go out and put their lives on the line," Dontari Poe said.

Even the airmen shared a few game plans of their own.

"Sure we educated them a little bit," Desio said. "Maybe they'll have a little military knowledge now."

As for Sgt. Pauley, she's one step closer to having the ultimate memorabilia.

The Chiefs players also made a stop at Whiteman AFB Elementary where they shared a few of their football moves with 120 third and fourth grade students.

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