Ann Roach, Steve Cox, CFO Dan Crumb testify in Chiefs age discrimination lawsuit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jurors heard testimony from former Chiefs employee Ann Roach concerning an alleged conversation about "moving in a youthful direction" Friday in the age discrimination lawsuit against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The testimony came the same day the man suing the Chiefs took the stand.  Steve Cox, now 63 years old, was shocked when the Chiefs fired him in 2010 for poor performance. 

The former maintenance manager said he was excited to join the organization on his first day of work at the Chiefs in 1998.

"I felt like a kid in a candy store," he testified.

The jury was not allowed to hear some of Ann Roach's emotional testimony. The former Chiefs employee testified to the judge, but not the jury, that she was forced to retire after 42 years with the Chiefs.

Roach did tell jurors of a conversation she had with former General Manager Carl Peterson after long-time owner Lamar Hunt passed away.

"He said ‘Things are going to be different under Clark Hunt,' " Roach testified.

When an attorney asked her why things would be different under Hunt, she replied that Peterson told her that, "Clark wants to move in a more youthful direction."

In later testimony to the judge, but not the jury, Roach claimed she was then forced to retire a few years later.

Chiefs CFO Dan Crumb did testify to the jury Friday, confirming he did make a a statement he made in a 2011 director's meeting mentioned earlier in the trial.

"I said these old people feel a sense of entitlement," Crumb said.

Crumb and defense attorneys have repeatedly insisted that Crumb was referring to the old regime under Carl Peterson and not the age of the employees.

Cox will take the stand again Tuesday morning when the trial resumes.

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