Chiefs age discrimination trial sent to jury

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The fate of the age discrimination trial against the Kansas City Chiefs now rests with a jury.

Jurors got the case right around noon Tuesday, but they have to comb through testimony they've been hearing since mid-February before they make a decision.

Closing arguments ended Tuesday morning, as attorneys battled over whether former maintenance manager Steve Cox was fired for his age or for poor performance.

Defense attorneys for the Chiefs said Cox gave a raise to one of his employees despite his boss telling him not to.

Attorneys for Cox presented several years of his glowing performance reviews.

"Who has the power?" asked Lewis Galloway, an attorney for Cox. "Then your decision is 'did those people wield that decision in a way that was fair?'"

Chiefs attorney Anthony Romano said Cox's case is baseless.

"They have presented not one shred of evidence that the Chiefs' motivation in terminating this man was based upon his age," he argued.

Cox was fired in 2010. He is now 63 years old.

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