KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dustin Colquitt didn't used to want to play football. He didn't want to wear the tight pants.


He didn't play football until his senior year of high school.
When asked what he'd be doing if he wasn't playing football, he quickly said he'd be a professional actor. He was in annual skits, plays and advanced acting classes in high school.

We took the acting theme a step further and asked him who would play him if someone was making a movie about his life. He thought for a second, and responded "David Koechner. Because Paul Rudd looks nothing like him."

Colquitt is obviously a fan of actors with local ties.

Dustin is a dad. He has three boys and one girl, with another on the way.  The last movie he watched was – not surprisingly – animated. It was Madagascar 3. He likes Pixar movies because of the adult humor thrown in.

He doesn't have much free time for reading, but when he does find time to read, it's A. W. Tozer. He just picked up "The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer."

Dustin usually heads into work around seven each morning. He has to park his big Ford pickup at the end of the driveway because his wife doesn't want him waking the kids. The truck is loud when it turns over.

"My 6-and-a-half year old and 5-year-old, if they hear that truck turn over, they are popping the blinds," Colquitt said.

When Dustin's on the field, he finds something to focus on before kicking the ball. He says it's something his mom taught him – look where you want throw, kick, or spit. He usually picks a down marker, a pylon or a fan in the stands and kicks.

Something to watch for on game day, Dustin always runs his hand up the side of his nose after he kicks. And apparently he does it every time he kicks.
He says he sees it on film and has no idea what he's doing or why; coaches even jokingly give him a hard time about it.

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