Chiefs fan urges fans to sing 'home of the brave' during national anthem on September 11

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's been a part of Chiefs home games for years, and has even filtered into other area sporting events.

At the end of the national anthem, fans yell "Chiefs" in place of "Brave" in the final line of the song – "And the home of the brave."

But at least one local man is trying to change that when the Chiefs open their season Sept. 11 against the Buffalo Bills.

"I am a Chiefs fan and find that ending the National Anthem with ‘and the Home of the Chiefs' to be one of the things that makes game day at Arrowhead unique and maybe some what intimating to our opponents," Daniel Nugent said in an e-mail to NBC Action News.

But Nugent says given the fact the 2011 NFL season begins on the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, fans should reconsider what they yell at the end of the anthem.

"I would ask that all Chiefs fans honor all of those that made the ultimate sacrifice on that day and for those that continue to do so by ending the National Anthem as it was originally written with ‘and Home of the Brave,'" Nugent wrote.

Nugent goes on to say it would be fitting that on the somber anniversary, "we as a nation once again unite as one" and Chiefs fans singing the national anthem as it was written would "help unite KC with the rest of the nation on this solemn day."

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