Chiefs ‘Fan Van' community creates the ultimate tailgating experience

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Before the Kansas City Chiefs' football games starts, hundreds of fans invade the Truman Sports Complex for an extensive tailgating experience. Fans have spent more than $1.5 million to create the ultimate fan adventure on four wheels.

Mark Dipoto created the Fan Van. It is considered the ultimate game day bus with built in bathrooms, speaker system and a beer on tap.

"It's been a fun investment. Financially it'd be hard to call it a good investment but it's been worth every penny," he said.

Dipoto and his friends have spent more than $15,000 for their ride. Fans are known to spend between $15,000 and $20,000 on their buses. Most include extensive paint jobs, seating, and extra storage.

"We always take it over the top. We try and think of one thing everyone else doesn't have and do that. I'm sure by the end of the season we'll realize there's something we need and get that too," he said.

Those in the fan van community say there are at least 100 fan buses in the parking lot at Arrowhead on game day. When Dipoto's fan isn't at the stadium he says it costs at least $100 a month to park it. He also carves out several hours of prep time for the home games.

Dipoto's fan van has even inspired others fans such as Tyler Thomas to join the truck community.

"The people that have these buses out here we all kind of know each other. It's a passion that we all kind of share. Every year we try to one up each other try to have the nicest bus out here. We compete with some of these other people," he said.  

For truck owners, it doesn't matter what happens on the field, the parking lot is the home for the real fan experience.

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