Chiefs fans can get cheaper gear during losing seasons

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Chiefs headed into Thursday's game against the San Diego Chargers hoping for their second win of the season.

While fans are disappointed by the way the team is playing, there is one perk.

Some stores are dropping the price for Chiefs gear by 40 percent.

At Nill Brothers in Overland Park, Kan., store owners said the gear is pretty much covered in dust.

Sales have sharply declined as the team struggles. Store officials said this is the second year they've seen the decrease, based on the amount of merchandise they order on sales from the previous year.

"They just don't want to pay for it because its too expensive, when your team is not very good," said Ashley Kernicky, an employee.

The store has been lowering prices for the last three weeks.

Kernicky said the only people really buying the gear are the diehard fans, or those who live out of town and are going to Arrowhead for the game.

With the season only half over, prices could drop even more before the final game in December.

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