Chiefs-friendly bar in Denver welcomes transplant fans

DENVER - Denver is certainly beautiful, set against the Rockies. But if you're a Chiefs fan, you better know where you're welcome!

"We come here every Sunday," Yadu Bhardwaj said, sitting at Don's Club Tavern.

This Denver dive bar, managed by a Kansa City native, went full-on Chiefs bar last year. Now, a new generation of Kansas City transplants is keeping the Broncos and Chiefs rivalry fresh with their new Denver friends.

"We try to get along," Bhardwaj said.

His friend and co-worker Grant Feterl admits he had reservations when he found out Bhardwaj was a Chiefs fan.

"I don't admit it in public," he joked.

"I don't ever want to be a Broncos fan." Bhardwaj shot back.

"Denver will always be better than Kansas City," a confident Feterl said.

At least Chiefs fans are confident they have a place to call home on game days. Don's plays every game every Sunday and about 100 fans show up, food and chairs in tow, to cram the bar and bond over their team.

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