Chiefs vs. Broncos game the talk of the nation

DENVER - From the newspaper to the radio and social media sites nationwide, Sunday's match up between the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos is the topic of conversation nationwide.

The game is also peppered into conversations across the sports world centering on how quickly things have changed. Both teams have transitioned from last or nearly last to top of their division. The Broncos were last in their division just three short years ago and Sandy Clough, Denver's top sports radio host, said Broncos fans can relate to Chiefs fans in that way.

Yet, "The burden of proof is greater with respect to the Chiefs than it is to the Broncos," Clough added slyly.

Clough said she has been flooded with calls from Broncos fans that have mixed emotions of defiance and apprehension going into Sunday's game.

However, Clough said this will be the best matchup between the Chiefs and Broncos in nearly two decades.

"We're seeing this year a scenario where I think both teams will make the playoffs, but you might have a team finishing second with 12 or even 13 wins in the AFC West this year. That's altogether possible and that's what adds to the drama and excitement pertaining to this game," she said.

Regardless of the outcome on Sunday, Clough says these are going to be two powerhouse teams not just for the rest of the year but for years to come in the American Football Conference.

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