Denver BBQ gets the KC taste test

DENVER - One of Denver's best food trucks has a Kansas City native and Chiefs fan at the grill. Mike Carlin wears his Chiefs hat proudly as he serves delicious tacos and sandwiches out of Mike's Kitchen.

Ricky Martinez, manning the cupcake truck parked next to them, proudly wears his Broncos hat.

"Go Broncos!" he yelled.

It is a competition in and out of the truck that Mike Carlin has grown accustomed to living in Denver for years. He used to go to the games when the Chiefs were in town. But after a few, he says he'll watch it elsewhere.

"Every time I went, they would lose!" he said. "I don't want to be a jinx!"

A few dozen of his Chiefs fan friends will head to what Carlin calls the best BBQ in Denver.

Yazoo BBQ a few miles away had a long line at lunch time. We found a few people who had tried Kansas City BBQ themselves. They wouldn't admit it was better. One Broncos fan did finally tell us Arthur Bryant's is the stick by which all other ribs are measured.

Owner Don Hines let us taste-test the Memphis-style BBW as he made fun of Kansas City's need for sauce.

I gave it a nine out of ten. It was good. It just wasn't the perfect 10 this Kansas City girl gives her hometown BBQ. Carlin, who makes his living selling good food, had to agree.

"It's good, it's still not as good as home, but it's good," Carlin said.

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