Eric Fisher's high school football coach: 'I'm still shocked' he went No. 1 in NFL Draft

DETROIT - As football fans in Kansas City learn more about their top draft pick, those remembering Eric Fisher's high school days in Michigan are looking back on a long road to stardom.

As all eyes were on the Chiefs to see who they would take with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, Fisher's high school football coach spent those anxious moments thinking about just how far one of his students had come.

"He and I exchanged messages today," Jeff Allor said, minutes before the Chiefs made their pick. Allor coached Fisher at Stoney Creek High School in Rochester Hills.

"He's excited. He's fired up. And we're hoping to see him go number one."

Allor and the rest of the Stoney Creek Cougar Pride Club NFL Draft watch party got their wish.

"It's phenomenal. I really hoped I'd see it tonight," Allor said after the pick. " And I'm still shocked I saw it. You know, one of our boys!"

Allor says Fisher wasn't highly recruited after high school, but says the Rochester native spent his days at Central Michigan University putting in the hard work day in and day out. Work that finally led him to the moment at Radio City Music Hall.

Members of the Stoney Creek Cougar Pride Club NFL Draft watch party exploded in applause as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called Fisher's name.  As he celebrates being the first pick in the NFL Draft, those who share his Stoney Creek connection hope he'll  puts his hometown program on the map.

"We're hoping that this gives our kids some exposure," Allor said. "We have a great class of kids coming up, they can use all the exposure they can handle."

Current Stoney Creek football captain Jack Stablein says having Fisher go through the program and eventually into the NFL as the league's top draft pick gives them some respect around the area.

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