Fans react to KC Chiefs heartbreaking loss to the Denver Broncos

DENVER - Monday morning blues.

Kansas City Chiefs fans woke to the reality their undefeated Chiefs are no more.

The loss handed over by AFC West rivals the Denver Broncos in a 27-17 loss on the road.

While Broncos fans are celebrating the huge victory, Chiefs fans who made the trek to the mile high city area bit let down.

KC struggled both defensively and offensively; Peyton Manning was hardly touched.

While the team may have competed well, the Broncos kept the lead the entire game.

But for fans, it's such a far cry from last season that the loss is bittersweet, and they can only hope in two weeks, we'll have better luck.

"We came in with a lot of confidence," one fan said. "Tough stadium, tough team. Peyton Manning is always tough to play. If we could just score in the red zone, it would make a big difference."

The players also said they need to work on scoring in the red zone. Coach Andy Reid echoed most fans saying the team needs to put more pressure on the opponent.

The Kansas City Chiefs have a chance to change history with a home game against the Broncos set for December 1, starting at 3:05 p.m.

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